Fly & Mosquito Control Service in Qatar

German Pest Control specialists are able to eradicate Fly & Mosquito Control Service in Qatar from your home or business.

We ensure the treatment we provide deals with your problem quickly and offering good value for money. As with all our services, they are 100% guaranteed to work and provide long-term solutions so the problem doesn’t reoccur.

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Fly & Mosquito Control Service in Qatar

Types of flies you might need to eradicate

  • Blue Bottle
    Bluebottle flies are attracted to rotten food, bins and rubbish.
  • Cluster Fly
    Cluster flies are often found in attics and cavity walls and are often seen around window frames.
  • Fruit Fly
    Fruit flies can be found around fermenting fruit and other sugary items such as beer and alcohol. Find out how to remove fruit flies…
  • The Mosquito
    Mosquitoes and midges gather near water and can bite.
Fly & Mosquito Control Service in Qatar

How we remove flies

Depending on the species of fly, the most effective ways to eradicate them are fogging or fumigation.

We also use a residual chemical that will continue working for weeks after the initial treatment. This residual chemical will ensure our treatment is long-lasting and that flies don’t return.

About fly infestations

Infestations of flies can grow quickly and can cause serious hygiene issues. Flies carry and spread diseases including salmonella and E-coli, which are a concern to both homeowners and businesses. We offer an emergency response for fly pest control treatment across the Qatar.

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